Monday, September 13, 2010

David Cook album teaser!

Hey, I figured that, oh yes, one's official site is still the best place to get new updates! And speaking of such, here's one I just saw from David's site posted on Sept. 8th. I maybe a bit late now, but I still wanna post it. It's all about a teaser of his next album. So yeah, just watch it here if you haven't yet. :))

Cook performs "America the Beautiful"

Again, it's been like forever since I last posted in here. Can't help it 'cause I only get a little updates from Mr. Cook. Can you give some other sources to stay updated? lol.

Anyway, here's the latest I've known of him. He performed "America the Beautiful" in the US Open Men's Tennis Final on Sept. 13th in Flushing NY. (You know the time differences, it's actually 14th in here now so let me say that's yesterday in here. haha)

Here's the video from DCFanOlivia on YouTube! :))

Monday, July 26, 2010

Playlist for real!

Yeah men! I finally managed to create a new playlist. It only has 16 tracks which includes the 13 tracks from the David Cook album plus three bonus tracks. Too bad I haven't put into it too all the other songs he sang in his Idol moments. It's really quite hard to find them. So there, I hope this would be just fine. Again, if you want more, just check out the "audio clip" in my profile. Thanks Cookies! :))


Hey Cookies! I was trying to create a playlist here just like what I did on my Archie page but I still can't find good quality audios/videos. I found a very nice playlist long time ago on a fan site but they never let it be embedded. Awww! Anyway, if you wanna see it, just view my complete profile and you'll find it in the "audio clip" part. I've put it in there ever since I first found it about two years ago. LOL. Okay. Just felt like sharing it to you guys. Enjoy! Keep rocking! ^_^

Friday, July 23, 2010

New updates??

Hey Mr. Cook, I'm sorry I haven't posted in here for quite a long time now. haha. Kidding! As if our AI season 7 winner can read this now. But no, seriously, I haven't been updated much about our big David lately. Does he have a new album now? I saw an update from Multiply talking about a teaser to his 2nd album. I'm just not sure. But how awesome that would be if it's true! Been missing listening to Cook's voice, or rather, to new songs from him. So he should really have an album soon!

Anyway, speaking of new albums, our little David (Archuleta) is soon to release his 3rd album on Sept. 14th. His first single (Something 'Bout Love) from the album (The Other Side of Down) was released last July 20th and is now hitting more and more radio stations worldwide including of course here in RP, on Magic 89.9. Its music video was shot last July 16th. And it should come out soon too so check that out Pinoy Archies! And get ready to vote for it on MYX when it comes out! haha

Alright. I'm sorry I was carried away again 'bout Archie. But I'll still be posting more again 'bout Cook next time since this blog page's really created for him. I have another page for Archie anyway. hehe

Bye for now, Cookies! :))

Friday, March 6, 2009



Hmm... Sounds like some sort of food, right? Haha.. I know. But I wasn't referring that one, why I made this blog. Rather, some more interesting.
Okay! I'll just make this fast.
"Cookie" stands for Cook...
Yeah! It's him.
I just nicknamed him "cookie" by myself. Haha..

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now.
Next time, I will be giving you more details.

Got to go now!
See you!